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Wix Filter

Wix is considered one of the world's best filter manufacturer producing filters used in automobile, marine, power generators, as well as agriculture and hydraulic application.

We're capable of supplying the full range of wix filter products including lube oil filter, fuel filter, hydraulic filter, air filter, cabin air filter, coolant filter, transmission filter etc in the Malaysia market.

Oil Filter: 51258

Oil Filter: 51791, 51792, 57791, 51674, 51760, 51121, 51820, 51158

Fuel Filter: 33690, 33397, 33112, 33472, 33674, 33514

Air Filter: WA10001, 46506, 46541, 42290, PA2744, PA2745

Hydraulic Filter: 57802

Wix Filter
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