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Caterpillar Engine Parts

Caterpillar (USA) manufactures high quality engine spare parts used for marine engine, excavator, heavy-duty vehicles, generators, trucks etc.

The list of Caterpillar spare parts include fuel filter, air filter , oil filter, temperature switch, temperature sensor, coolant level switch, pressure switch, connector, pump, Tube AS, starter motor, gasket, seal, seal o-ring, o-ring, impeller, bracket-AS, charging alternator, tank, cover, etc. 

Some of the part list with Caterpillar part number as below: 

6T-1395 (Alternator GP-Charging), 212-3425 (Sensor GP-Exhaust Temp), 285-6670 (Pyrometer), Pump GP (106-9872), Starter Motor (7C-3372), Pump GP-Water (135-4926), Seal Lip Type (7S-6798), Air Filter (6L-4714), Oil Filter (1R-0659), Fuel Filter (1R-0724), Air filter (4N-0015), Filter (4N-7808), Oil Filter (1R-0716)

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