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BIAR Inline Sampling Valves

BIAR (Switzerland) specializes in designing and manufacturing of liquid & gas sampling systems for pipelines or reactors. 

BIAR provides customization of sampling valves system that match customer's requirement in terms of material compatibility, temperature/pressure resistant, safety, delivery time and site applicability. Starfound Industrial is the authorized distributor of BIAR sampling valve systems in Malaysia. 

Benefits of BIAR systems:

(1) No dead space

BIAR systems designed to avoid dead space, improve cleanliness and avoid contamination.

(2) Spring-to-close hand wheel

The actuator for example the Magic Hand Wheel provide an accurate flow and an intuitive use.

(3) Many accessories and options

The quick connection and accessory interchangeability provide a customised solution to meet customer's needs.


(4) Customization

BIAR's R&D department combined with 30 years of experience in the field allow us to find solutions to the most complex sampling problems.

BIAR – In-line sampling systems

In-line product range includes :


Many receptacles and options are available depending on the security level required.

Standard characteristics

Size : DN10 to DN200 ( ½’’ to 8’’ )
Materials : Stainless steel, Hastelloy® or Monel®, PFA lined
Temperature : -40 to 350°C ( -40 to 660°F )
Pressure : Vacuum to 160 bar ( 600 psi )

Accessories for Inline Sampling Valve System

(1) Actuator (Spring-to-close actuator & Manual Closure)

- Handwheel, Hand Lever, Pneumatic Actuator, Cooling Extension

(2) Type of Valves

- Horizontal Stainless Steel or PFA

- Vertical Stainless Steel

- Wafer type Stainless Steel or PFA

- Lateral Stainless Steel

(3) Interchangeability of Accessories

- Open Receptacles

- Partially Closed Receptacles

- Closed Receptacles

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