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Des-Case Breather / Des-Case Filter 

Des-Case Breather are widely used in the form of lubricant filtration systems, portable filtration system, vacuum dehydration, lubricant storage & handling, adapter kits, and filter element (FlowGuard). 

Standard Series Desiccant Breathers: DC-BB, DC-1, DC-2, DC-3
Extended Series Breathers: DC-EX-1, DC-EX-2, DC-EX-3, DC-EX-4
Extreme Duty Desiccant Breather: DC-XD-6
Ventguard Breathers: DC-VG-BB, DC-VG-1, DC-VG-2, DC-VG-3, DC-VG-4
Hydroguard Breathers: DC-HG-1, DC-HG-8
Rebuildable Steel Breather: DC-RS-3, DC-RS-5, DC-RS-9, DC-RS-15, DC-RS-25, DC-RS-50, DC-RS-75, DC-RS-100, DC-RS-150, DC-RS-200
Non-Desiccant Breathers: DC-ND-2, DC-ND-35


Des-Case 3-D BullsEye / Des-Case Oil Tank Sight Glass / Des-Case Oil Level Gauge Indicator / Des-Case Oil Sight Glass Level Monitor are widely used in the form of lubricant filtration systems. 

Des-Case 3-D BullsEye: DC-3DB0250, DC-3DB0375, DC-3DB0500, DC-3DB0750, DC-3DB1000, DC-3DB1250, DC-3DB1500, DC-3DB2000, DC-3DBBSPP0500, DC-3DBBSPP0750, DC-3DBBSPP1000, DC-3DBM10X10, DC-3DBM10X1.5, DC-3DBM12X1.5

Des-Case Oil Sight Glass: DC-OSG1X250, DC-OSG1X375, DC-OSG1X500, DC-OSG3X250, DC-OSG3X375, DC-OSG3X500, DC-OSG16X500, DC-OSG32X500

Des-Case Oil Level Gauge Indicators: DC-OLI3, DC-OLI6, DC-OLI9, DC-OLI12, DC-OLI15

Des-Case Oil Sight Glass Level Monitor: DC-OSGL3, DC-OSGL6, DC-OSGL9, DC-OSGL12, DC-OSGL15, DC-OSGL18, DC-OSGL24

We supply Des-Case Breather / Hydroguard Breather to the market in Malaysia. Our sales network in Malaysia covers Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Johor, Perak, Penang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak (District: Kemaman, Labuan, Miri, Bintulu, Kota Kinabalu, Chukai, Johor Bahru, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Tawau etc.)

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