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Mastervolt produces high quality battery charger, sine wave inverter, combis (inverter/charger), DC-DC Converter, Charge Regulator and Solar Charge Regulator used for leisure marine, commercial marine, offshore, industrial and solar off-grid application. 

Mastervolt Battery Charger: MASS 24/15-2, MASS 24/25-2, MASS 24/50-2, MASS 48/25, MASS 48/50, CHARGEMASTER 12/10, CHARGEMASTER 12/15-2, CHARGEMASTER 12/25-3, CHARGEMASTER 24/12-3, CHARGEMASTER 24/12-3, CHARGEMASTER 24/20-3, EASYCHARGE 6A, EASYCHARGE 10A

SINE WAVE INVERTER: MASS SINE 12/800, MASS SINE 12/1200, MASS SINE 24/800, MASS SINE 24/1500, AC MASTER 12/300, AC MASTER 12/700, AC MASTER 24/300, MASTER 24/500, MASTER 24/700

MASS COMBI: MASS COMBI 24/1800-35, MASS COMBI 24/2600-60, MASS COMBI ULTRA 24/3500-100, MASS COMBI PRO 12/3000-150, MASS COMBI PRO 24/3500-150

DC-DC Converter: DC Master 24/12-3A, DC Master 24/12-6A, DC Master 24/12-12A, MAC 24/12-20, MAGIC 24/12-20, MAGIC 24/24-20, MAGIC 12/24-10, MAGIC 12/12-20

Solar Charge Regulator: SCM25 MPT MPPT Charge Regulator, SCM20 PWM Charge Regulator

Mastervolt Malaysia
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