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Danfoss & Spare Parts in Malaysia


In, we supply the complete range of Danfoss products including Danfoss inverter, Danfoss thermostat, Danfoss TRV, Danfoss radiator valve, motorised valve, hybrid manifold, compressor, scroll compressor, angle valve, sauer danfoss valve, reciprocating compressor, thermostatic expansion valve, solenoid valve, pressure and temperature regulating valves, electronic controls, electrically operating valves, air solenoid valve, vfd inverter, solenoid coils, proportional valve, pressure switch and thermostats, filter drier, oil separator, water regulating valves, strainers, sensors, transmitters, safety valves, liquid level controls, electric heating, hydronic comfort controls, VLT Drives, VACON Drives, piston pump, PVG 32, contactors and motor starters, etc. Apart from that, we also supply required Parker, ASCO Solenoid Valve as per required by customers. 

Models of Danfoss Parts:

(1) Thermostatic Expansion Valves: TS 2 068-3482, TES 2 068-3493, TS 2 068Z3400, TS 2 068Z3401, TES 2 068Z3403, TS 2 068Z3406, TES 2 068Z3451, TS 2 068Z3509, TS 2 068Z3658

(2) Solenoid Valves: 

EVR 18 032F1004, EVR 10 032F1121, EVR 3 032F1156, EVR 3 032F1157, EVR 10 032F1168, EVR 15 032F1171, EVR 20 032F1176, EVR 3 032F1204, EVR 15 032F6133, EVR 8 032F7121, EVR 22 032F7146

(3) Filter Drier: DCL, DML, DCR, DCB, DMB, DAS, DCC, DMC, DMT

DML 303 023Z0049, DML 304 023Z0050, DML 303 023Z3049, DML 415 023Z3110, 48-DM 023U1391, 48-DM 023U1394, 48-DM 023U1496, DMC 2032S 023Z7007, DMC 2033S 023Z7009, DMC 40164S 023Z7011, DMC 0732S 023Z7020, DMC 40163S 023Z7027

(4) Solenoid Coil: 

018F6756, 018F6757, 018F7396, 018F7397, 018F6251, 018F6253, 018F6257, 018F6277, 018F6282, 018F7301, 018Z6120, 018Z6122, 018Z6125, 018Z6127, 042N7601, 042N7651, 042N7662, 042N8651, 042N8652


(5) Regulating Valves:

148B5102, 148B5115, 148B5226, 148B5286, 148B5627, 148B5297, 148B5385, 148B5589, 148B5590, 148B5675, 148B5004, 148B5124, 148B5002

(6) Oil Separator: 040B0010, 040B0029

We are working closely with worldwide Danfoss distributors on the supply of its products. Our coverage areas in Malaysia include Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Seremban, Ipoh, Pahang, Penang, Kedah, Melaka, Johor, Kelantan, Kuantan, Sabah and Sarawak, Labuan. 

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