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Starfound Industrial supplies a wide range of Carel Refrigeration Parametric Controllers, Universal Controllers, RTA series, µC sistema, temperature sensor, pressure transducer, temperature, humidity and air quality sensor, wireless sensor, energy meter, etc in Malaysia. 

Carel Refrigeration Parametric Controls products include ir33+ series, ir33+ platform, easy series, powersplit series, powercompact series, cell range etc. 

ir33+ platform types consists of ir33+, ir33+ FMC, ir33+ smart, ir33+ wide.

ir33 series type consists of ir33, ir33 DIN, ir33 smart


Example of Carel ir33+ model: IREVM00N00, IREVM0EN00).

Example of Carel ir33+ power model: IREVY0AHA0, IREVF0AHE0

Example of Carel ir33+ wide model: PBEVY0EVLG, PBEVC0HNLG

Example of Carel ir33+ small wide model: PBEVC0SNNG

Example of Carel ir33 model: IR33M00N00, IR33C7LN00

Example of Carel powercompact option code: IRTRRES000, IROPZ48500

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