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Sperre Compressor & Parts

Sperre produces high quality air compressor used in various industries including marine, oil & gas, and industrial manufacturing, power plant etc. We supply a wide range of Sperre spare parts in Malaysia.

Apart from compressor, Sperre also manufactures air receiver, coolers etc. 

Sperre Compressor (Classic): HLF2/77, HL2/77A, HL2/90A, HL2/120, HL2/140, HL2/160

Sperre Compressor (X-range): XA060, XA090, XA120, XA250, XW060, XW120, XW150, XW250

Compressor Parts: Pressure Switch 7756, Safety Valve 7580, LP Valve 3036, LP Valve Plate 3122, Suction Valve 3232, Pressure Gauge 3773, Oil Pump 4441, Bearer Ring 3499

Sperre Compressor Malaysia
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