Mahle Filter

Mahle filters are widely used for engines, motor vehicles and industrial applications. It provides outstanding oil purity in hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Mahle Hydraulic product range covers: filter housings, filter vessels, pressure vessels, indicator, industrial filter elements, suction filters, return-line filters, low pressure filters, medium pressure filters, high pressure filters, Mahle filter assemblies, separators, compressor filters, compressed air filters, air filters, oil filters, lube oil filters, hydraulic oil filters, air intake filters, spin-on filters, pressure filters, return line filters, duplex filters, process filters, industrial filters etc.

Suction Filter: Pi 160, Pi 1710, Pi 1941, Pi 220, Pi 270

Pressure Filter: Pi 150, Pi 1975, Pi 230, Pi 2300, Pi 340, Pi 4000, Pi 420, 

Pi 4230, Pi 480, Pi 2005-57/MIC 10, Pi 2015-57/MIC 10, Pi 1008 Mic 25, 

Duplex Filter: Pi 210, Pi 2100, Pi 2110, Pi 281, Pi 3700

Bypass Filter: Pi 8100

Return Line Filter: Pi 5000, Pi 5100, Pi 530

Breather Filter: Pi 0101-0185

Spin-on Cartridge: HC 34

Others: KC24, PI 73006 DN PS VST 10, H0110DN2010

Mahle PI 2208 PS VST 3, 77680200
Filtration Group Filter
Mahle Filter Pi 8215 DRG 25, 77680945
Filtration Group Filter
Mahle Pi 2005 / Filtration Group
Filtration Group Filter
Mahle Filter Pi 5111
Filtration Group Filter
Mahle filters/Filtration Group
Filtration Group Filter
Mahle Filter HC34
Filtration Group Filter
Mahle Filter
Filtration Group Filter
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