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Pilz produces wide range of high quality products covering sensor, relay, controller etc. Its safety sensors are designed for position monitoring, safety switches, safety gate systems, optoelectronic sensor as well as safe camera systems. Starfound Industrial is capable of supplying Pilz products with provided Pilz's model numbers in Malaysia. 

Pilz relay are well established in the market too. It range compost of safety relay, monitoring relay, line inspection relay, brake control relay, as well as as various training system logic. 

Pilz controllers include PLC controllers, I/O systems and spare parts. 

Pilz Sensor & switch model: PILZ 514120, Pilz 774060, Pilz 787302, Pilz PNOZ XV2 774500, Pilz 774318, Pilz PNOZ X3P, Pilz 751105,  Pilz 774310, Pilz 750104, Pilz 777302 Safety Contact

Pilz Relay Model: Pilz 774080 Safety Relay, Pilz Safety Relay 750102, Pilz Safety Relay, 774314, Pilz Safety Relay 774315, Pilz Safety Relay 774073

Pilz I/O Parts: Pilz I/O Module PSSu E F 2DOR 8 312225, PILZ 312405, PSSu (universal) E S 4DO 0.5 / PSSuES4DO0.5

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