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Perkins & Perkins Sabre Engine Parts

We supply a full range perkins & perkins sabre products including cooler, alternator, solenoid switch, fuel injector, lift pump, oil cooler, filter, starter motor, starter solenoid, fresh water pump, sea water pump, magnetic pick up, o-ring, temperature switch, pressure switch etc. 

Perkins Engine Model: 402D-05G, 403A-11G, 403D-07G, 404A-22G, 404D-22G, 1103A-33TG, 1104D-E44TG, 1106A-70TAG, 1506A-E88TAG, 2506-E15TAG, 4006-23TAG, 4008-30TAG, 4012-46TAG, 4016-61TRG, 4016-61TRS, 4008-30TRS, 4006-23TRS, 2206TAG2, 2806TAG3

Engine Parts: cylinder liner 31358394, oil pressure sender 2846071,  lift pump ulpk0001, radiator 2485b259,  thermostat 2666103, water pump u5mw0106, water pump u5mw0104, Magnetic Pickup Unit, 2868A006

Perkins Engine Malaysia
Perkins Sabre Malaysia
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