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Starfound Industrial supplies a wide range of Contelec linear position sensor, angle sensors, contactless sensor, potentiometer wire wound, etc. in Malaysia. 

The standard Contelec product types cover absolute angle sensor, incremental rotary encoders, contactless angle sensors, non-contacting angle sensors, potentiometer cermet, potentiometer conductive plastic as well as potentiometer wire wound. 

Contelec Contactless Angle Sensor: Vert-X 13, Vert-X 22, Vert-X 24, Vert-X 28

Contelec Non-Contacting Sensor: Vert-X 05E, Vert-X 13E, Vert-X 22E, Vert-X 27E, Vert-X 32E

Contelec Potentiometer Conductive Plastic​s: PL20, PL130, PL240, PL290, PL300, WAL600, GL60, GL100


Potentiometer Wire Wound: PD200, PD200HW, PD210, PD210HW, PD280, PD550HW, PD2310

Contelec Potentiometer Cermet: PC20, PC90, PC 260/262

Contelec Linear Transducer: KL/KLR, WL, LAL200/400

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