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ABB Kopex

Our company has recently added ABB Kopex explosion proof products into our product portfolio.

Kopex-Ex products cover mainly explosion protection conduit systems, cable glands and accessories to provide safety solution in hazardous area. 

Kopex products are made of metallic and nylon flexible conduits / fittings that meet international ATEX standard. 

Some of Kopex Ex Non-metallic conduit: EXB Range EXB030, EXB060; EXBB Range EXBB050, XESX0350

Some of Kopex Ex Non-metallic fittings: Type EXPQ EXPQM0203, EXPQM0303; Type EXBQ EXBQM0303, NENV0303

Kopex-Ex Conduit:

KEBF0410, KEBF0510, FUG0410, KEU0610, EF150012X10, KSU0405-RS, KSU00810

Some of Kopex Thread Converter, Stopping Plugs & Accessories: 

EXN/M16/SP, EXN/038/SP, EXS/M16/SP, EXS/M20/SP, EXN/M20-M16/R, EXN/M16-050/TC

Kopex-Ex Cable Gland - EX04MMC2K, EXN06MMC1K, EX05MLC2K, EX06MLC2K

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