Indufil filters (under John Crane) are widely used in the oil and gas industry primarily because of its high efficiency with maximum filtration capacity that helps minimize downtime.

Starfound Industrial is capable of supply genuine Indufil filter in Malaysia market.

Some of Indufil filters are as below:

INLZ25CC25V, INR700CC03, INR700CC05, INR700CC10, INR700CC25, INRS1813ACC25, INRS200ACC10, INRZ95CC25V, INRZ220ACC25 INRS620ACC25V, INRS200PX5V, INRS200CC25V, INRZ0880APIPF025V, IDCW401800, IDCW401800, INR-Z-200-CC25V

Indufil Filter
Indufil Filter
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Indufil Filter

Indufil Filter